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Welcome to English Study Bible & commentaries!

This website is presented to introduce you to the English Study Bible and the New Testament Commentaries which are based on the English Study Bible.  There are several articles written by the translator and author of the ESB and Commentaries. Your attention is directed to the appropriate buttons at the upper left of this page where the various pages are presented.

Here is a list of the various helpful items we have to sell:

The English Study Bible New Testament with Notes was translated and published by Harold Littrell, B.A., M.A., M.Th., Th.D. Commentaries on all the New Testament books have been completed.

Price list:

  • The English Study Bible Old Testament (The Pentateuch) - $14.95
  • The English Study Bible New Testament - $16.95
  • Commentaries:
  • Matthew - $16.95
  • Mark - $14.95 pp.
  • Luke - $14.95
  • John - $14.95
  • Acts - $16.95
  • Paul's Letters VOL I (Romans through Colossians) - $16.95
  • Paul's Letters and Hebrews VOL II (1 Thessalonians through Hebrews), $16.95
  • James through Jude $16.95
  • Revelation - $14.95
  • Matthew through Revelation - $115.95
  • The set plus the English Study Bible New Testament is priced at $129.95
  • The set plus the English Study Bible Old and New Testament is priced at $141.95
  • A pamphlet, A Look at the NIV, $1.00. See the button at the left: "A Look at the NIV".  Contact us if you desire to purchase in quantity for free distribution or resale - you may qualify for a discount from the above prices.
  • Shipping costs:
  • Orders less than $35: $2.50
  • Orders $35 - $74.99: $5.00
  • Orders $75.00 or more: Free
  • Harold Littrell had translated by hand the first five books of the English Study Bible Old Testament and had put them on computer disks through Leviticus 22 when he died on August 21, 2001.

  • Please order from:

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PO Box 2712
Jonesboro, AR 72402
Phone: (870) 932-1911 or e-mail to randyoden@suddenlink.net.

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